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Our guiding philosophy is to provide excellent therapeutic healthcare across the lifespan.


Our Model:

Our Vision:

We are a mobile therapy clinic delivering Physical and Occupational therapy in your home and surrounding environments. We provide a personalized therapy experience and individualized treatment approach. Our providers are specialized in Pediatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Pelvic Health, Feeding Therapy, Behavioral Health, Post Surgical Care, and Injury Prevention services. We work with local providers to implement a holistic and multidisciplinary team approach to improve your ability to reach your therapy goals and highest potential.

To tear down the barriers that limit peoples ability to access the therapy services they need and deserve. Whether it be at home, school, or on the trails we want to deliver therapy wherever we can help our clients reach their highest potential.

We pride ourselves on delivering great care for all individuals no matter their diagnoses or age. That is why we are not limiting ourselves to one specialty, rather we are surrounding ourselves with therapist who are generalist with a passion within various specialties.

Our Specialities:

Our Patients:

We are hoping to bridge the gap between outpatient and home health care by providing mobile therapy services wherever you need it most to reach your highest potential and therapeutic goals.

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