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Educational Classes

We offer free educational classes once per month to the public out of our clinic space in Wasilla, Alaska. We believe it is important for our community to be educated and surrounded by others who would like to learn more about our services. We are currently offering classes focused on breastfeeding and pelvic floor with a mom's wellness circle following. 

Breastfeeding Photo 3.heic

Empowered Breastfeeding

This class is focused on educating parents on typical and atypical breastfeeding patterns. You will learn the anatomy and physiology of the breast and the infants oral mechanics. You will learn what are typical feeding cues, what is a typical let down, when milk supply is at its highest, and why our pumps are designed the way they are. In this class Courtney Shaeffer, OTR/L, IBCLC, CBS cover's both the US and International breastfeeding recommendations, Materal and Infant Anatomy, How milk is made, Early success with breastfeeding, Infant feeding cues, Optimal latch, Positioning, How to maintain optimal milk production, Prenatal and Infant Consideration, and the role of supportive partners. 

Healthy Bowel Habits 

This class is focused on education regarding healthy bowel habits, ideal

toilet positioning, typical and atypical defecatory mechanics, pressure management during defecation, and typical voiding frequencies

for your age.  This class is beneficial for caregivers, providers, pediatric and adult clients.

Hugging a Pillow
Women Running

Return to Running 

This class is geared towards return to running in the fourth trimester. Dr. Jessica White, PT, DPT provides education and research regarding how to safely return to running, when to seek additional providers, and how to reduce your risk of injury in the postpartum period. 

Oh no, I've Leaked   

This class will provide education on anatomy and physiology of our urinary system, typical voiding frequency, dysfunctional voiding, bladder irritants, the different types of urinary incontinence, and when to seek additional services. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Just Breath

Dr. Jessica White, PT, DPT leads this class on the reasons why we should focus on breath in the postpartum period. Jessica covers the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, postural changes during pregnancy that impact respiration, and exercises to implement during your daily tasks to improve breath control and posture in the fourth trimester. Grab your mats as Jessica leads you through gentle exercises to focus on your breath control. 


ABSolutely Fit

Grab your yoga mats once again as Dr. Jessica White, PT, DPT takes you through exercises which focus on postural reeducation techniques to improve your trunk control and awareness of breath.  Jessica will cover the research on when and what types of exercises to perform in the fourth trimester. She will cover contraindications to exercise and the US and International norms regarding exercising in the postpartum period. She will specifically address your abdominal musculature and ways to initiate strengthening safely in the postpartum period. 

We accept the following health insurances:

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Denali Kid Care, Medicaid, Medicare, Cigna, Regence, Tricare.

If your insurance is not listed above, please contact us to see how we can get services covered for you. We accept self/cash payment as well.

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